Big Boy Room


Leif, Sochi, and I have been sleeping in Leif’s big boy room this week. The idea is that Leif will get use to sleeping in there and one day in the next year, we’ll move our bedroom upstairs so we’re closer to his room and he’ll sleep in his very own bed–I’m hoping Sochi will join him in there.

As I lay in bed nursing him last night, gazing into his big blue eyes–the same eyes that stole my heart nearly 2 years ago, I gave him “the talk”.  I told him that the day was coming when this special thing we do–nursing–would be all done.  I started to choke up as I explained to him how special it has been and that I will truly treasure it for the rest of my life.  From his first moments of life, it brought him nourishment and comfort–and it brought those things for me as well.  Is there nothing more nourishing than looking into the eyes of your nursing baby?

I cried a little as I told him about all the special things we would do together in the future–snuggling, walks, running, bike riding, hiking, traveling, book reading, gardening, tower building.  I told him one day he would grow up and be a man and probably have his own children but that he would always always be just as special to me as the day he was born.

Sleeping in his own room–something many American babies do much sooner than this…feels like a huge mile stone (and I’m still sleeping in there with him!). When did my baby become a toddler?  Will I blink and find that he’s off exploring the world with a pack and his back and a glint of wanderlust in his eye?



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