Sprout, Baby, Sprout!

Gardening is really hard work.

Gardening is really hard work.

The weather was glorious this weekend.  While I scaled back on running last week due to a bout of calf tightness and foot pain, I still got to do a 10 mile trail run yesterday and felt great today!  I spent all morning working on the garden–mainly shoveling and spreading a fresh load of mulch.  The garden is looking “fresh” and smelling fabulous with its new layer of mulch (and it’s free from the city!). AND I got a great upper body workout and my heart rate up running around with the wheel barrow.  Don’t worry, I put Son and Leif to work as well.  Also, our first little sprouts came up in the green house!  Arugula!  Yippee! March, I have high hopes for you!

First out of the soil!  Go Arugula!

First out of the soil! Go Arugula!

Can you see where this is going?

Can you see where this is going?

Thankfully, mama thought to put a helmet on him before he rode backwards down the mound.

Thankfully, mama thought to put a helmet on him before he rode backwards down the mound.


This area is finally starting to coming together–the mound will hopefully be covered in sprawling strawberries and heather. Fingers crossed.

This is Leif’s last week of being 1.  OH MY STARS.  I’m savoring it.  As we prepare to wean in a few weeks (for fertility purposes only), I’m a little weepy and really trying to enjoy these last couple of weeks of nursing my sweet little boy.  Sigh. Where does the time go?


4 thoughts on “Sprout, Baby, Sprout!

  1. Melissa, this is entirely meant to be helpful. You can definitely get pregnant while nursing! Don’t make yourself think that you can’t! My son is only 4 months old and I’m 2 months pregnant while EBF him! My sister was still nursing her 2 year old daughter and got pregnant as well. She stopped nursing her after nothing my nephew. The idea of having to wean my Malaki terrifies me (as I am dealing with supply issues now). I just don’t want you to think that you have to wean him just for that. Again, I only mean this with the best intentions . I don’t mean to offend you in any way.

    • mjorgey

      Hi Kelly,

      Yes, I know some women can get pregnant while nursing and I was hoping I would be able to as I wanted to let Leif wean on his own timing but some women (and I think I am one of them) are unable to get pregnant while nursing because of ovulation is either really off or cycles lengths are just all over the place in general. I didn’t even get my period back until Leif was 19 months. We’ve been trying for a while and I am otherwise extremely healthy so I decided that if I wasn’t pregnant by the time Leif was 2, we’d wean and hope that my cycle regulates and that I ovulate every month. It is pretty disappointing as I planned to let Leif nurse as long as he wanted. Congrats on being pregnant!

  2. mjorgey

    Isn’t that wild how our bodies respond so differently! I didn’t have a period for 2.5 years between pregnancy and nursing! It was wild! And pretty nice, except now that I want to get pregnant my cycle still is a little wacky!

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