Springing into Spring

It is officially Spring!  It’s been acting like Spring for some time now but there is just something so hopeful about it actually being SPRING!  Guess what is after Spring?  SUMMER!  Long days, warmer temps, booming gardens…its happening.

With Spring officially here, there is much to do around the homestead.  Our garden/yard are sort of kind of a mess.  We have multiple projects happening and garden beds that need prepping.  I feel like we made some head way this morning.  I put Son to work moving the large pile of mulching that remained in the front garden bed.  It is getting smaller!  I need it clear in a week or two to start planting!  Shovel, Son, Shovel!  We had an abundance of large containers for composting and some hydroponics gear someone gave to us that I’m not interested in at the moment.  It was taking up space, collecting water, and becoming a breeding ground for mosquito larva. No thanks.  So I dumped all the water out and rearrange things.  Some of the containers will be used as fun climbing toys for Leif.  Some will be donated and others will be thrown out.

I knew we had to work fast today because my iPhone told me rain was coming around noon (what did farmers do before iPhones??? joking, guys, joking).  And come it did.  But not before we moved a lot of mulching, cleaned up the yard a bit, and direct seeded some carrots, beets, peas, beans, sunflowers and German Chamomile.  Right as I was finishing up the last row of beets, the rain rolled in.  I retreated to my greenhouse, jotted down some notes about my planting for the day (I’m trying to be strategic and keep better track of things this year), and enjoyed gazing at my starts while the rain pounded on the roof. aaaaahhhh…gardeners bliss.

While I was planting today with a light drizzle begging me to hurry before the rain really started coming, I was reminded of how sweet it is to find commune with the Creator in my garden.  I’ve wrote before about stepping away from the traditional since of church and finding God in the places I’ve always felt him–in nature.  As I was covering my seeds with soil today, I said a little prayer– “Creator of the Universe, Sustainer of Life– help these seeds to grow and nourish my family.” So simple.  So much more real to me that anything I ever experienced in a church service.  This, after Leif and I had watched two sweet birds pull twigs and loose weeds from our garden to make a nest. mmm. so good.

While Leif snoozed, I snuck out for an easy 5 mile run in the rain.  I was pleasantly surprised how good my legs felt after yesterdays 15 miler!  I past 40 miles this week!  Onward!


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