50 Mile Week.

This was my first 50 mile week since right before getting pregnant with Leif.  This morning, I ran 17 miles. No doubt, my legs were tired and it was challenging (especially since my aunt flow made an early appearance this morning).  It feels so stinking good to be going long again.  I LOVE the feeling on Saturday night of completely spent legs–sitting back with a yummy dinner and a glass of red wine and knowing that the next day is a rest day. I’m getting better at hydrating and nutrition,which is making long runs more enjoyable.  Today, I ate a small buckwheat pancake with a little blackstrap molasses and a banana before my run and took along some homemade date bites and yerba mate tea in my hydration bottles.  The bites are fabulous and the tea gives me the extra kick I need to keep running running running.  Here’s the recipe for the date bites:

Date Bites:

Mix all ingredients in food processor, form into balls and place in fridge the night before your long run.  I put them in a zip lock baggie.  They much together a little but can still be separated and are so freaking good.

5 dates

2 TBLS coconut oil

lemon juice from half a lemon

lemon rind from half a lemon

I have also added VO2 Max workouts to my routine.  Having a high VO2 Max is closely correlated to long distance running performance–which is what I am aiming for!  VO2 Max workouts are short, intense workouts designed to increase the efficiency of oxygen transport and to increase speed–the capacity to contract a large number of muscles at one time.

There is more than one way to increase your VO2 Max–all are work.  I imagine I will change things up at some point, but here is what I’m doing right now.

On the Treadmill:

5 minute warm up at 10 min/mile pace–0% incline

3x 30/30 30 seconds at about 7:00-7:30 min/mile– 6-7% incline with 30 second rest–after the 3rd 30 second interval, I do not rest and go immediately into the next set.

2×60/60 second at same pace as previous

3×30 second at same pace as previous

5-10 minute cool down.

This takes about 20 minutes but leaves me extremely tired.  As I get stronger, I plan to increase the number of 60 second intervals up to about 10 intervals.  

Okay–its dinner time! Nom.Nom.Nom.


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