Mocha Protein Power

Love Coffee?  I do!  I’m quite thankful I’ve gotten my stomach back for a little morning joe.  The thought of it made me sick during my first trimester.  Coffee is often not encouraged during pregnancy and some believe it causes miscarriages.  While I think that high levels of caffeine are not healthy at any time in life, the research seems to suggest that a couple cups of coffee each day during pregnancy does not increase your risk of miscarriage nor have negative effects on development.  In her book, Expecting Better, Emily Oster points out that women who are more nauseated during the first trimester, often drink less coffee (because they feel like crap).  Women who experience nausea in the early phases of pregnancy are less likely to miscarry.  Her conclusion is that its the nausea factor, not the coffee factor that makes a difference.  At any rate, I’m comfortable with two cups a day.  I try to stick with organic and I use homemade almond milk to sweeten it up a bit. Keeps me happy and sane.

This morning I whipped up this coffee/vega protein combo that is just to die for.  Actually, I wouldn’t die for it…but it is REALLY yummy and has added nutrition!   Get yo’ Mocha on, folks.



I cup brewed hot coffee

1 cup Almond Milk (I used homemade pumpkin spice-bomb)

1 TBLS Almond butter

1/2 serving Vega One Mocha Protein Powder

Dash of cinnomin


Blend it up

Top with Cinnamon

Drink it up.


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