Leif’s Gut Troubles and Superman Milk

Many of my social media followers know that we have been struggling with Leif’s gut health for the past couple of months.  In November, my breastmilk dried up and Leif stopped pooping.  It was wild. He went from 2-4 poops per day to zero. I tried colon massages, that sometimes worked.  I tried all the prunes, figs, dates, pear juice I could get in him.  Nothing was keeping in regular.

His tummy was in pain and my heart was too.  I called his pediatrician and we went in.  She told me its normal and that I’m probably letting him eat too many bananas.  Prescribed Miralax and sent us on our way.  I wasn’t pleased.  I felt dismissed.  Sure, Leif eats a few bites of banana most days but he also eats tons of fiber rich foods.

At a loss, I gave him the miralax.  After a few days, he started having very large runny poops.  It was working apparently.  After a few weeks, we stopped.  He was fine for a couple of weeks and then he stopped pooping again.

We were at my parents beach house and Leif hadn’t pooped in 5 or 6 days.  I was trying everything I could think of.  I stayed awake one evening listening to him groan in pain-cared and feeling helpless.  Stores close early in their little beach town and the nearest pharmacy or ER was a 45 minute drive.   I went first thing in the morning to get a suppository and more miralax. It was traumatizing to say the least.  This song and dance went on for another week. I called his doctor and we went back in.  She told me to double the dose.

This felt wrong.  It scared me.  I did it and it gave him horrible cramps.  I  felt like we were poisoning our sweet boy and I was pissed that his doctor kept telling me it was “normal” and that the Miralax was safe.  “Kids are on it for years!” she told me.  Um, so, why are our kids so constipated?  Why the hell are we not treating the cause?

Fast forward to the next week.  We’d both developed bad colds, his tummy hurt like crazy and I was beyond worried.  Friday evening he vomited on me for the first time in his almost three years (he’s vomited before from making himself dizzy but never from being sick to his stomach).  After consulting with my friend and doctor, Jannine, I decided to take him to the ER.  He was not pleased.


One sad little boy.  One sad mama

Tired pregnant lady with screaming toddler in the ER in the middle of the night…it went something like this…”I’m tired of being told its normal for my kid to be in pain and not be able to shit on his own!” The ER doctor at Mary Bridge Children’s Hospital listened.  That alone was amazing to me.  She took an X-ray of his tummy.  He had poop in there but not a ton.  He also had a pretty bad ear infection.  So, in one night, my sweet little guy had an enema and his first round of antibiotics ever.

We left with a referral for a GI doctor.  I was relieved to be heard.  On Monday, my first call was to a naturopathic doctor that several of my friends, including Jannine, had recommended we see.  The next call was to schedule an appointment with the GI.

I stopped the Miralax on Sunday, took Leif completely off grains and started giving him Natural Calm Plus Calcium (Magnesium). On Tuesday, we went to see Dr. Rife, ND.  It was magic.  For an entire hour we just talked while Leif ran around the office and played with the receptionist.  He ordered a test to check for food sensitivities and prescribed pre and probiotics along with L-gluatmine to repair Leif’s gut.  We also left with a recipe for his Immune Boosting Cereal. 

Immune Boosting Cereal and Bare Buns


Leif loves “Who Foods”


Superman Milk Tower

The thing is, constipation and pain is prevalent but not normal or healthy.  It is an indication that there is a problem.   Continually dumping Miralax into the gut might make you go poop but it does not address the issue.  We eat plenty of fiber.  I knew that was not the problem but I knew there was something he was eating that wasn’t working with his body and we needed help figuring it out.  I should have gone to Dr. Rife a long time ago.  I’m sad my little boy had to go through so much to get there.

The poop story?  Leif has been pooping like him old self all week.  I want to give him pediatrician  the bird…although I know she is just doing what she was taught and what is considered normal practice. It still pisses me off and we will not be returning.

We will see the GI doctor this week (although it might be useless sense it seems we have figured it out) and will get the food sensitivity test back in a week or two.  Hopefully we are able to identify exactly what was causing the problem so we are able to add a few grains back in!  Grain free and vegan is tough!


little chef– he loves making ‘recpees’


Vegan and Grain Free. Nothing but goodness.

Until then, Leif has been chowing on nori, sunflower seed butter, grain free pumpkin cookies, almond meal pancakes, and his favorite–Superman Milk.

Superman Milk:

4-8 oz homemade almond milk

1 tsp raw cocoa powder

1 tsp L-glutamine

1 capsule Culturelle Probiotic (they sell these at Costco and other big stores but they aren’t refrigerated–they need to be, so don’t waste your money there, check health food stores or a local naturopath)

1 capsule Pure Encapsulations Probiotics

1 tsp Mushroom Matrix Immune

1 tsp blackstrap molasses or raw honey


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