May, Lovely May.

And now it is May. Rein is 10 months.  How did that happen?  Leif is a little man, and its wonderful and heartbreaking and wonderful again.  He makes me laugh every day… He also makes me crazy at moments.

I have some big dreams for May and for the summer.  I want change the way we do finances.  I want to be smarter about where I invest my resources– time, money, energy.  I want to spend more intentional time with my kids, my family, and my friends.  I want to grow my business in a way that is both serves the women I work with but also honors the place I’m at in this motherhood gig.

So, this month, I’ll be processing some of these things out loud (via the internet).  I hope it encourages, inspires, and maybe’s opens new areas of your heart.

Let’s start here.  These are some things I’m doing to reduce our food bill, but still eat like a freakin’ vegan boss.

I started volunteering in at Wildhare Organic Farm in March.  In exchange, I go home with local organic produce and a bunch of cardboard each week (for my garden, you know). I also get the privilege of spending Tuesday mornings with Katie, one of the owners, who is beyond lovely.  She’s genuine, understanding, and a bad ass farmer and business owner.  I have also met other volunteers and employees that have done nothing but add to my life.  My dad and sister-in-law have mostly been helping with the childcare to allow me to do this but starting this month, I’ve worked out a trade with a woman who will watch the boys for me in exchange for coaching! It feels like a good fit.


Why Hello Fresh Organic Greens… how wonderful you’ll be in my smoothies and salads.

I’m grocery shopping less and using CASH.  I’ve tried the cash method before and always failed but I’m committing to paying for groceries and little things like coffee or outings with cash.  I’ll reserve my credit card for things like gas and any online purchases.  By online, I’m talking about ordering things like diapers and bulk gluten free oats because it saves me money (and time)…also, I’m able to get a lot of things I would typically get at Target on Amazon Prime…and I save myself like a billion dollars by not going to Target.  You know what I’m talking about, ladies.

I’m not buying extras like $4 bottles of kombucha.  I plan to start making my own or finding a trade with someone who home-brews.  I also haven’t been spending money on wine. Sad, but true.  I am trying to reserve alcohol for when we have special outings or for Sundays at my parents house (Thanks Mom and Dad for hooking that up).


Sunday Night Dinners are the best.

I’m mixing my protein powders.  I usually use a more expensive VegaSport protein after my hard workouts.  It’s formulated to help with muscle recovery and I really notice a difference but I am choosing to not use a full scoop and I’m supplementing with their less expensive product from Costco.


I’m also eating my smoothie out of repurposed peanut butter jars these days..

I’m learning to “get buy”.  Its Saturday and I don’t restock the kitchen until Tuesday usually… so I say, “Okay, we’re having dinner at my parents tomorrow night, so we just need food for Monday…What do we have?  We have onions, grains, beans, and purple cabbage… I can make a meal with that.  We are out of bananas but I can survive one day without bananas in my smoothie.  I’m picking up 30 pounds of them from the farm on Tuesday!”   It forces me to get a little more creative with our food and use what we’ve got instead of making a special trip to the store.



I downloaded the ibotta App.  I haven’t used it yet but look forward to trying to get some rebates with it!  Have you used it?

My garden!  While I’ve only been able to harvest rhubarb and herbs so far this spring, I have kale, cabbage, beans, broccoli, cauliflower, tomatoes, and squash in the ground with several trays of starts slowly growing on the deck.  This will provide for a lower food bill this summer!

Waste not want not– I’m making sure to use the almond pulp from our almond milk to make crackers each week.  This makes for awesome PB sandwiches for the boys (and me).


What do you do to lower your food bill while eating as healthy as possible?


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