The In Between Moments


Motherhood is nothing like I expected it to be.  Its dirty, exhausting, and sometimes maddening.  Its the baby eating the dog food and the dog eating the baby’s poop.  Its a toddler tantrum in the middle of a parking lot.  Its eating your dinner on the toilet because you just need a few moments alone. It’s the baby trying to bite your nipple off and refusing to sleep unless your bodies are touching.  Its dog hair fluffs flying across the living room, even though you literally just mopped.  Its always having food on your shirt from the kids.  Its someone using your leg as a snot wiper.

But in between these moments, there are moments of pure gold.  Its the baby sleeping soundly while and you’re 4 year old joining you for yoga.  Its a kiss on the lips from a little boy who thinks you’re the best.  Its those kicking legs and joyful grunts your baby makes when you return to him.  Its all of these things and more.

It will probably take years off my life in stress but add even more back in love.

Sigh, Motherhood.


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