About MJ


When I finished my first marathon in 2008, I swore I would never to do it again.

A year and a half later I found myself deeply in love with running–competing in ultra-marathons and enjoying every moment (well, almost every moment).

The following year I decided to take the next step towards an animal free diet and transformed myself from a cheese loving vegetarian to a dairy free vegan.  The results– decreased body fat, less bloating and stomach pain, and most importantly more mindful eating.  Going plant based also changed my relationship with other creatures and set me free from the burden of their suffering and my own struggles with disordered eating.

I also practice yoga regularly and believe that through learning to control the breath, we can heal both the mind and the body.  As with the other areas of my life, this is a journey for me.  I ebb and flow and find I am most satisfied with life when I practice daily.

My husband and I  married in 2008 after meeting in our teacher training at Arizona State University.  We have since lived in the U.S., South Africa, and South Korea.  We love to travel and explore.  We now find ourselves planting roots on our small urban homestead in Tacoma, Washington.  I am joyfully soaking up being a mama to a mischievous mama’s boy, snuggling my loyal-to-a-fault Australian Shepherd,  trimming goat hooves, monitoring bees, chasing hens, and growing vegetables while preparing healing, life giving meals for my family and friends.   I love learning new things and challenging my mind, body, and spirit to reach new levels of health and vitality. Thank you for reading my meanderings!  Please, join the conversation!



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