Core Running

Chi Running, like barefoot running, advocates that you run from your core.  This doesn’t mean you slide around on your belly like a penguin (haha, get it, “running from your core”?).  It means that the main muscles at work while you’re running (or walking) are the muscles that comprise your core.  Say what?  But what about my legs?  Once you learn to run from your core, your legs will just kind of come along for the ride.  This is something I still have to remind myself of on every run–usually about every 5 minutes.  When I start to get tired and distracted by my tiredness, I find myself doing this horrible little trot with my legs working way harder than they should be.  When I’m snapped back to my body, I realize I’ve let my core go loose and my legs are picking up the slack.  The moment I engage my core, I instantly feel some of the pressure come off my legs and I’m ready to rock.
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