Dodgy Diet Switch Number Dos

 A switch Complexity to Simplicity:

Seriously?  Hasn’t our food become MORE complex in the past ½ century?  It begins with our soil, which in many cases has been over used and improperly cared for.  Degradation of our soil means a loss of nutrients which transfers into the plants it produces.  A conventionally grown apple today contains 1/3 the iron as the same apple in 1940.  So you eat the apple and your body is like, “What the hell?  Where’s the iron?” so you eat another one, and another one…or more likely, grab a candy bar because the apple. “just didn’t do the trick”. In order to meet our nutritional needs, we’re having to eat more calories.  Excessive calories leads to excessive weight which makes way for disease.
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5 dodgy shifts in the way we do food.

With the risk of sharing too much from Pollan’s book, In Defense of Food, I have more to share!  For the next few days, I’ll be writing about the 5 big shifts in our food systems that Pollan points to as being at the root of our health crisis in the west.

Sometimes I start to feel a little helpless and hopeless in regards to our countires agricultural and food practices.  So, in response to these 5 changes, I’ll also offer my ideas/plans for countering these harmful practices.
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