Yoga with Rajnish

View from our roof top in Varanasi

Yesterday morning I had my first yoga session in India.  The guesthouse we are staying at has a resident yoga instructor that offers classes on the rooftop every morning.  Unfortunately, the roof top was locked up this morning so we moved our yoga class (I was the only one in class) to an indoor location.

I admit I was a little nervous about the one-on-one session, especially when it moved inside.  I had read about creepster yoga instructors in India that made moves on their female students during one-on-one sessions.  The instructor, Rajnish, was small though and I knew I could take him if he tried anything funny. Soon after the session began I was able to relax and found myself enjoying the practice.
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It all works out

Josh and I spent the last few days in a town called Darjeeling in the hills of north eastern India.  We’ve met some incredibly kind people on our journey through southeast Asia and India but the people of Darjeeling are by far the most generously hospitable and lovely people yet.

What struck me as we made our way up the potholed, steep, winding road into the Himalayan foothills was how drastically the faces changed.  They no longer looked Indian, or what my mind perceives Indians to look like.  They looked more Chinese, Nepalese, or some other Asian ethnicity.
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