Sometimes I must remind myself…


Today was a juice and smoothie feast day.  Its getting to that point in the evening where its just best if I crawl in bed next to my guys and join them in sleep land.  As I prepared my lunch for tomorrow–a humungo salad with all the good stuff, I was thankful that I get to chew food tomorrow!  Seriously, its like Christmas Eve.

The end of the cleanse and the end of this month will bring some major changes.  Leif and I will be providing before school fun for a first grade girl and I will be teaching two afternoons per week!  While I’m nervous about the early mornings, I know its what’s best for our little family at the moment!  It will allow us to save a bit more and help significantly with the overseas trip we have planned for the summer!  It will also provide more structure to our week and maybe I’ll feel like less of a scatter brained if I have to be at the same place every day (or maybe not)!   The family we will be working for is absolutely lovely and I’m hoping it will be the beginning of something wonderful.

So, lots of wonderful things on the horizon.  Life continues to be a bit on the wild side but no matter what comes I’m going keep chanting this mantra to myself, “happiness is an inside job.”




Today marks the two year anniversary of Payton’s accident.  It marks the day that ushered in 5 days of hell for my family as we desperately prayed for a miracle and waited as doctors ran tests and tried to reduce the swelling in his brain.  Today I’m remembering the feelings–emotional and physical–I experienced from the moment I woke up in Cape Town to an in box full of “CALL HOME NOW!” e-mails to the time I made it home and was met at the hospital entrance by my parents and told Payton would be taken off life support in the morning.

Today I’m remembering the tragedy and grief my family has experienced but also remembering the joy that Payton brought.  His life, although so short, was vibrant and full.  Below I have reposted something I wrote last September. Please do remember my family this week–hold us in your prayers and send us peace, love, and joyful memories of our little man.
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