Walk Breaks Part II

So yesterday I wrote about how wonderful walk breaks are.  After I posted, I headed out for a run and I realized I had forgotten to explain just how to use this method.  Your run/walk ratio is going to depend on several factors—how long you’ve been running,  what distance you are running, weather conditions, and your overall feeling of wellness on any particular run.  Here are some guidelines that you can use to implement the run/walk method into your running routine.
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What’s on MJ’s Feet?

In the past couple of years the Barefoot Running trend has become a hot topic for discussion. I won’t lie, I was skeptical at first. Conventional wisdom told me that the more “protection” my feet had the less likely I was to get injured. “Experts” at running stores told me I needed arch support, pronoation control, extra padding for the distances I was running.

The week following my participation in Comrades, a 90 KM road race in South Africa, I was distraught with horrible knee pain that left me hobbling around and kept me out of my running shoes and off the trails. After trying to fix it on my own for a couple of weeks, I ended up with a double knee injury and a very gloomy spirit.
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