A tromp in the woods…

This morning I woke up before the sun to get ready for the Defiance 15K. It was cold and dark when I woke up.  My bowels were playing a funny trick on me and it took every ounce of courage and grit to get out of bed.  It felt as though every movement towards getting to the start line this morning was a huge victory.

Its not that the weather was really that horrible or that I was really feeling that bad.  It’s just that it was cold and dark and the lazy devil on my shoulder was saying, “Ah, who cares, go back to bed…no one will blame you!”  So tempting, Lazy Devil, but not even the blustery wet morning could keep me off those trails.
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Wild Woman Marathon!

My writing has been less than average this summer but if you can read to the end (no skipping ahead) you will discover (one of) the excuses I have for not writing consistently.  But first–let me tell you what I did last weekend!
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Two Oceans Ultra

Wow!  Did I drop the ball or what?  I had intentions of writing while in Cape Town but unfortunately, I just couldn’t seem to plant myself in front of the computer and get ‘er done!  I am a little overwhelmed at the task of writing about the whirl wind of exciting events in the past month.  I’ll try to stick to my running activities and what I learned through them.

I was pleased to quickly recover from my jet lag upon arriving in Cape Town.  The morning after arriving, Emily and I headed out for a lovely hilly run on one of my old routes.  It was sunny and warm and it felt so good to move our bodies after our long journey.  I think my body is getting better at traveling—no sickness, no insane jet lag, just exhaustion that can easily be treated with sleep and healthy foods.

The week leading up to the Two Oceans ultra-marathon was packed full of excitement—day trips around the Cape, reuniting with friends, and meetings to discuss my project.  We kicked off the race weekend with registration on Thursday and then the International Friendship Run on Friday morning.
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